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Since opening The Edge Screen Studio facility in 1988, we have worked with a number of satisfied clients in Toronto and the surrounding communities. From large companies to individual clients, we are committed to bringing the same level of skill, precision and dedication to every project.


The Edge Screen Studio partnered with the LCBO to help save endangered species around the world. We supplied, printed, packaged and shipped T-shirts to over 50 locations in Ontario. There were 4 different 12 colour spot/process combination T-shirts featuring The Tiger, The Red-Throated Loon, the Polar Bear and the Rainforest (Frog). The T-shirts were sold in the LCBO stores and a portion of the proceeds was donated to the World Wildlife Fund (Canada).


ROOTS has been a valued and loyal customer since 1999. They are well known and greatly respected for their high standards, and they offer only the very best in quality products. Roots is also very proud to promote the Canadian heritage and identity. They have a very strict Code of Conduct for all their suppliers in Canada and abroad, and insist on only working with companies who meet with their stringent health, safety and labour standards. Our commitment to quality, compliance, price and delivery are all key to our long and successful relationship with Roots.


The Overkill brand was established in 1990 with the focus on beach wear and street apparel. Designer and co-owner, Fred Koops, together with his brother Steve, are constantly coming up with original T-shirt designs that are uniquely Canadian. Their products are popular with people of all ages. Proudly Canadian, Overkill has helped many young Canadian athletes over the years. Their garments can be purchased from their on-line store at


The Edge Screen Studio worked on several projects with Ken Danby, the first of which was to reproduce, on a T-shirt, Ken’s 30-colour serigraph called “True North” which was commissioned by Ontario Parks. This painting depicts a cedar canoe, resting on a rocky mound in a tree-lined lake and captures every remarkable detail. The painting also creates an intense feeling of peace and tranquility. Achieving Ken’s masterful photographic style required perfectly separating the image into 10 colours and painstaking fine-tuning on the press.

Our most memorable collaboration was to produce the 11-colour T-shirt reproduction of Ken’s famous egg tempura painting called “At the Crease.” The painting and the T-shirts were exhibited at the “Land, Water & Light: Ken Danby Landscapes” at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery in Toronto in 2004.


Since 1997, our team at The Edge Screen Studio have been working closely with the marketing team from Ontario Parks to provide the most amazing T-shirts and sweatshirts, to be sold at

the Ontario Parks Retail Stores and Travel

Information Centres.

We believe that our partnership with Ontario Parks has been a big factor in The Edge maintaining our position as a leader in the industry. Every year we are challenged to offer the latest and greatest in comfortable, high-quality casual wear. The product ideas are always exciting and often include intricate new special effects printing and custom made garments.

To become one of our satisfied clients, contact The Edge Screen Studio today.

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