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At The Edge Screen Studio, we want to work with you to create complete one-of-a-kind projects. This includes helping you with the artwork submission process for custom printing in Toronto. We believe that your projects should express your unique ideas and style, and we are more than happy collaborate with you to help achieve the artwork you envision.



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1903 Leslie Street | North York, ON M3B 2M3  |  Tel:  416-462-1474


For over 30 years we have been committed to providing a comprehensive range of the finest custom imprinted textile products to the Canadian market. What sets us apart is the high level of personalized services we offer to all of our clients. We will work with you to carefully craft unique and eye-catching designs that meet your exact specifications.

Before you submit your art, please be aware of the artwork requirements for our clients:

4-Colour Process and Spot Process

  • MAC Format Photoshop (process images, Photographs)

  • Files can be saved on CDs or USB memory sticks

  • Process images must be “size as” with a resolution of at least 300 DPI

  • Specific fonts must be sent with file or outlined

  • Specify Pantone colours (if needed)

  • A colour copy on paper must be provided for proofing

  • Indicate your required delivery date

  • With Photoshop RGB files, DO NOT flatten images; leave all work in layers with transparent background.


Spot Colour

  • MAC Format Illustrator vector art

  • PC files need to be saved as an AI file (Adobe Illustrator)

  • Artwork with more than one colour must be assigned Pantone swatches

  • Files can be sent by email or FTP site

  • Specific fonts must be sent with file in Mac format or outlined

  • Providing a colour copy on paper will ensure proper separations

  • Send files “size as” and indicate placement

  • Indicate your required delivery date

  • All gradients or halftones will not appear as they do on your screen or as they do in paper printing. The dots will be bigger and more noticeable. 55 lpi

  • It is possible to produce film for some jobs from samples, fax and paper copies. This will require art charges, and some detail may be lost.

  • We also offer in-house typesetting and design.


Customer Provided Films

  • Customer provided films must be opaque, film positive, emulsion side up, butt registered (no trapping), size as, with registration marks and labeled with the appropriate Pantone colours.

Accepted Files

  • Illustrator AI

  • Illustrator EPS

  • Photoshop 300 dpi+ JEPG

  • Photoshop 300 dpi+ PSD



Not sure which process you require? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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